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Lovely lamb recipes from tender cuts for a summery roast to fast cooking fillets ideal in salads.

Spanish lamb with sherry, honey & peppers


(11 ratings)

Open a bottle of sherry for this hearty lamb casserole, rich with sweet and savoury flavours. However, if you don't have saffron, just leave it out...
  • 2 hours and 45 mins
  • More effort

Easy lamb hotpot


(6 ratings)

Family comfort food doesn't get much better than a hotpot. This lamb version is a great choice for busy weeknights, needing just 15 minutes prep...
  • 1 hour and 10 mins
  • Easy

Slow cooker lamb curry


(54 ratings)

Use the slow cooker to make this nutritious, easy curry and the lamb will melt in your mouth. You can batch cook and freeze the leftovers for another day
  • 6 hours and 10 mins
  • Easy

Lamb vindaloo


(4 ratings)

Make the Goan vindaloo sauce a day ahead to intensify the flavours and use it as a base with other meats, fish or veg. Adjust the chilli to your taste too
  • 1 hour and 30 mins
  • Easy

Healthy Turkish meatloaf


(9 ratings)

Serve this lamb meatloaf and salad at a summer picnic or packed up for lunch. It's tasty and healthy too, delivering all five of your five-a-day...
  • 1 hour and 45 mins
  • Easy
  • Healthy

Leftover lamb curry


(18 ratings)

Make the most of leftover roast lamb with this flavour-packed leftover lamb curry. Serve with naan bread and basmati rice for an Indian feast
  • 1 hour and 40 mins
  • Easy

Slow cooker leg of lamb


(3 ratings)

Cook a leg of lamb in the slow cooker and be rewarded with tender meat that melts in the mouth. Enjoy with mashed potatoes and steamed veg
  • 8 hours and 15 mins
  • Easy

Lamb shank Madras


(23 ratings)

While it takes time, this hearty one-pot lamb curry is easy and you can make it two days in advance for even better flavour. Serve with naan bread and rice
  • 4 hours and 40 mins
  • Easy

Lamb & garlic bread salad


(4 ratings)

Try these tasty lamb cutlets served with a vibrant salad of garlic bread, mint, charred cucumber and tomato. It's an easy midweek meal or an al fresco lunch...
  • 55 mins
  • Easy

Saddle of lamb


(4 ratings)

A classic Easter favourite, this saddle of lamb is stuffed with crunchy shallots, garlic and pancetta for a depth of flavour guaranteed to please your guests
  • 1 hour and 45 mins
  • More effort

Salt-baked lamb shanks


(2 ratings)

Slow roast lamb shanks in a salt-dough crust and impress your dinner party guests with tender, succulent meat
  • 4 hours and 45 mins
  • A challenge

Marrakech lamb with tahini squash gratin


(5 ratings)

Spice up your Sunday lunch with this Moroccan roast lamb, bursting with North African flavours - coriander, cumin, cinnamon and mint
  • 2 hours and 20 mins
  • More effort

Samosa pie


(24 ratings)

Cover spiced lamb mince, stewed potato and peas with crispy filo pastry for a low-fat, Indian-inspired dinner
  • 35 mins
  • Easy

Korean crusted roast lamb


(2 ratings)

The crust on this roast leg of lamb is based on a Korean barbecue marinade called bulgogi - perfect for a Sunday roast with a difference
  • 2 hours and 20 mins
  • Easy

Herby lamb cobbler


(108 ratings)

This warming cobbler is impossible to resist on a winter's day, but is so delicious you'll be cooking it up all year round...
  • 3 hours and 10 mins
  • Easy

Persian lamb tagine


(25 ratings)

This warming stew is spiced with cinnamon and cumin, and sweetened with apricots and dates - perfect with fluffy couscous
  • 2 hours and 15 mins
  • More effort


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