Matcha mousse cake

Dinner party dessert recipes

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Salted caramel choc pots


(27 ratings)

Combining sweet and salty flavours really works when chocolate and toffee is involved - best served in individual portions
  • 35 mins
  • Easy

Chocolate tiramisu cake


(16 ratings)

This creamy chocolate and coffee layer cake has real wow factor and is ideal for a celebration
  • 1 hour and 35 mins
  • More effort

Ultimate lemon meringue pie


(213 ratings)

You can't go wrong with one of Angela Nilsen's ultimates and this is no exception...
  • 3 hours and 15 mins
  • Easy

Tia Maria cheesecake


(73 ratings)

Perfect for a special occasion, this American style dessert really has the wow-factor
  • 1 hour and 5 mins
  • Easy

Chocolate marquise


(53 ratings)

For the decadent dinner party - this rich chocolate dessert is for serious chocoholics only
  • 45 mins
  • More effort
  • Vegetarian

Flat apple & vanilla tart


(62 ratings)

A gorgeous looking tart that is fantastic for any occasion - from morning tea to decadent dessert
  • 30 mins
  • Easy

Malt chocolate cheesecake


(121 ratings)

This crowd-pleasing dessert is made ahead, so all you have to do on the night is take it out of the fridge and bask in the glory
  • 5 hours and 55 mins
  • Easy

Baileys cheesecake


(40 ratings)

An intense layer of coffee jelly perfects this creamy cheesecake. Serve with one of our coffee cocktails for unadulterated indulgence
  • 1 hour
  • A challenge

Sticky toffee apple pudding


(138 ratings)

Try a fruity version of the classic sticky toffee pudding for a rich after-dinner treat. Serve with cream, custard or vanilla ice cream
  • 1 hour
  • Easy

Berry shortbread cheesecake slice


(27 ratings)

A stunning centrepiece dessert that's bursting with summer flavours, perfect for a special occasion...
  • 2 hours and 30 mins
  • Easy

Sticky cinnamon figs


(25 ratings)

A simple and stylish nutty fig pudding ready in just 10 minutes
  • 10 mins
  • Easy

Honey roasted fig & almond tart


(19 ratings)

Delicious, sweet and fruity pud, great served with cream or ice cream - make the case with bought pastry
  • 1 hour and 45 mins
  • More effort

Chocolate & ginger torte


(11 ratings)

This decadent dessert with a triple-ginger hit is a chocoholic's dream...
  • 1 hour and 35 mins
  • More effort