mmm535's picture
22nd May, 2012
Tasty, with lovely flavours.
littlegreendragon13's picture
9th May, 2012
I enjoyed this but I got a bit bored of the butter beans- given that you need 3 tins I'll be using 3 different types of beans next time for some variety. Quick easy and tasty though!
clive_challinor's picture
25th Apr, 2012
tried this and it was just grim
parkesl's picture
3rd Apr, 2012
This is such a good, quick meal to cook. I cooked some onions, mushrooms, garlic and chorizo in with it as well which was really nice. I also vary the types of beans I'm adding in to it just to give it extra texture. Even managed to get my partner eating is and he doesn't usually like beans!!
traciekan's picture
13th Mar, 2012
made this and it was delish, used spanish sausages from sainsbury i.e. sausages with pepper and paprika in, sliced them to go further and added 2 sliced peppers. served with rice a winner
johannd's picture
12th Mar, 2012
This is delicious, I recommend the Sunday lunch :)
andycrofts's picture
9th Mar, 2012
Forgot - I did it in the slow-cooker. After browning sausages, stuck them and the drained tins of butter bans in the pot, covered the lot with the tomato sauce, 3H on medium.
andycrofts's picture
9th Mar, 2012
Oh, WOW!!! Made this with the closest I can get to Cumberland sossies in Finland. Used the tomato sauce as recommended (Girlie wondered why I'd bought 6 tins...) Didn't change a thing (almost - added a Jamie Oliver 'glug' of Lea and Perrins), but unfortunately my accompaniment ("bubble & Leek cakes") didn't hold together, but still, they were delicious. I only bought 8 sausages...wish I'd bought 20. This mama will freeze! As we're up to our knees in snow here, I reckon we'll be giving this a shot for a week or so....
lalaloopsey's picture
2nd Feb, 2012
think i will give this a go
scottishlassie's picture
20th Jan, 2012
This was a nice meal good for a change now and then.