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Frantic Flapjack
13th Nov, 2018
This was really lovely with a great depth of flavour but I did tweak it a little. I made the tomato sauce, then added 2x tins of butter beans (this really is enough - you don't need 3 tins). I then added a teaspoon of sugar and 2tsps of whole grain mustard to the sauce. I cooked the sausages separately and served with rice.
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7th Jun, 2017
Have made this lots of times now. We tend to use slightly less beans, and a little more tomato sauce. So tasty!
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Madam Modesta
14th May, 2017
I noticed a few reviews mentioning that this was bland. Therefore, I would strongly recommend using the tomato sauce recipe here: as suggested so your sauce is slightly sweet. I changed a couple of things though... I doubled the recipe (although you can be fairly liberal with the sauce proportions) for the sauce and used a tablespoon of caster sugar, cooked the onion and garlic in wine BEFORE adding the veges and also replacing some of the water (to reduce) with wine. The one tablespoon of treacle is fine. I used eight sausages, a heaped teaspoon of the mustard and 2x400 of beans this time round. I served it on rice (my partner is Vietnamise). It was particularly delicious and lasts a few days.
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2nd Mar, 2017
My other half is in the forces and has a giant appetite, me not so much! So when I know he's going to be home for a few days I make up a big batch of this. I use 16 sausages, 2 jars of tomato, mushroom and bacon pasta sauce (for extra speediness) 1 can of butter beans, 1 can of kidney beans and 1 can of traditional baked beans for the sweetness rather than adding sugar. I also add 500g of small diced potatoes them portion it into 5 rather than 4. It's super quick for me to throw together, hearty, filling, tasty and easy for him to warm up when I'm not home! Fantastic! Would also be good with a squirt of BBQ sauce in.
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11th Feb, 2017
I didn't have butter beans so used kidney beans (a tin of red and a tin of white), and a tin of Kala Chana beans instead. I also slightly adapted the tomato sauce recipe based on what I had in stock but the result was delicious - just what was needed on a freezing cold day.
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7th Dec, 2016
It was really quick and easy to make and is great for a weekday family meal. Instead of 3 cans of butter beans, I added 1 can of butter beans, 1 can of baked beans and 1 can of chickpeas to add flavour.
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4th Oct, 2016
I varied the recipe following a read of the posts. I made it with chickpeas, baked beans and a tin of tomatoes and did not add the extra sugar. Also added a paprika and onions to give it more variety. Really worked well.
dutes8080's picture
20th Jan, 2016
Caramelized an onion and some Garlic and added to the mix. Think I slightly overdid it with the sugar in the onion as it ended up a little sweet - will adjust next time. Also next time will put in a little something to give it a bit of a kick, some chilli or cayenne, may be. Nice but not great in my book. Served with mash and broccoli but more than enough to serve with a small portion of rice or crusty bread.
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15th Dec, 2015
A bit bland- I seasoned with black pepper and added a little parmesan- really just a little- and this improved it miles! We enjoyed it. Without the pepper and parmesan we may have found it a bit boring
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15th Feb, 2015
Yum yum. Lovely, hearty recipe with a great sauce that can be used for other things i.e. pasta. This recipe works fantastic with veggie sausages too! I substituted 8 ordinary sausages with veggie ones after defrosting them in the fridge overnight (sometimes frozen veggie sausages can be cheaper than those in the fridge section of the supermarket). I cut them up into small chunks and stirred them into the hot pot to allow for portion freezing. I also swapped butter beans for black beans and it still tasted great.