frizzy123's picture
11th Jan, 2015
Loved this recipe. I made the suggested sauce and used Linda McCartney sausages (they are the more meaty textured of the veggie sausages I think) as I don't eat meat, and it was delicious. I only used two cans of butter beans having read the below comments. Will definitely make again, I served with brown rice and some roasted butternut squash which complimented it well.
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1st Jan, 2015
This is a really lovely recipe! I only used 1 can of butter beans and 1 can of baked beans instead of 3 butter bean cans having read the comments and it worked a treat! Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an easy midweek family meal!
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Vikki Uren
14th Apr, 2014
This is so easy and absolutely delicious. It's even better with nothing but crusty bread to mop it up with.
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6th Feb, 2014
Good recipe - I liked it but used only one can of butter beans the second time I made it. I like butter beans but felt overwhelmed by them the first time!
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27th May, 2013
I added paprika to the tomato sauce and cooked on low in the slow cooker with the addition of chunks of potato. Added frozen peas and sweetcorn at the end. Complete really tasty meal in one pot.
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25th May, 2013
for the tomato sauce "a quarter of what quantity"
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30th Dec, 2013
it says to "see goes well with" . Here is the link ""
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20th Mar, 2013
To bigspottedcat. If you are not going to make the sauce as recommended then you really need to use a pasta sauce that you like. No wonder you didn't like it. Plus I used a little brown sugar and that worked perfectly, as didn't have treacle anyway. But if you use a good pasta sauce I'm sure that will help although the recommend sauce is easy to make. A little time consuming thats all.
bowdenei's picture
19th Mar, 2013
I made this with the recommended sauce ( see my comments on that) but I used Italian veggie sausages (USA brand) and served it with the cheesy garlic bread also on this website. Very nice! Even though I'm not vegetarian .....did this as my daughter is. Plus can't get regular butter beans as they always come in some sort of sauce so used navy beans instead. A bit like baked beans but in water instead
Bigspottedcat's picture
17th Mar, 2013
No Firstly ingredients are not clear. I made mine with chopped tomatoes and tomato paste. I really did not like the treacle in it. I think too often people are write to rate a recipe highly. If it is poor, people could not be bothered.