smurfter's picture
26th Nov, 2012
So easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious! Was VERY difficult to stop myself cutting another slice as soon as i had finished my first. I made mine with strawberries instead of raspberries as raspberries aren't in season to rather expensive at the moment! Also put some chunks of dark chocolate in with the strawberries and used chocolate digestives for the base. Made a mistake of not using a deep enough cake tin for the cheesecake, so just made two and froze one! Which is great as now i have a "here's a one i made earlier" to whip out in case of guests or a party!
nicolagordon's picture
25th Nov, 2012
This cheesecake is amazing - so easy to make and looks like I have taken hours. I have made it three times and everytime people ask for the recipe!!
Rachel1195's picture
24th Nov, 2012
Quick & simple to make and tastes AMAZING! a lot lighter than most cheesecakes too - ideal after a large meal. instead of soured cream i used the smae amount of milk with a dsh of lemon juice - it tasted fine!
jocelynohagan's picture
22nd Nov, 2012
Fantastic! Everyone loves it and it's so easy to make!
boersma's picture
18th Nov, 2012
made this for my High Tea party and not a crumb left!
rubywoo16's picture
16th Nov, 2012
i made this for my sisters birthday. it was all gone in 15min i have made it three times since them delicious!
epytsyht's picture
6th Nov, 2012
Fantastic, looks and tastes brilliant! Definitely recommend. Mine did crack on top but it wasn't a problem as the raspberries and sauce covered it all up!
bakingathome's picture
28th Oct, 2012
this recipe is incredibly easy, anyone with or without a sweet tooth would love this. although it wasn't much of a challenge, but i do like to bake something easy for once (:
ianandsarah's picture
26th Oct, 2012
Excellent recipe and really easy - looked fab!! I put my sauce on too early though and it just soaked through - still tasted yummy!!
joricho's picture
24th Oct, 2012
Impressive, easy, delicious - five stars!