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26th Jan, 2013
Great baked cheesecake, one of the best I ' ve evere tasted!
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25th Jan, 2013
no i did not change any ingredients or update the method and follow all steeps as mansion
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25th Jan, 2013
i did not change any ingredients and follow all steps
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25th Jan, 2013
there is a test of egg instead of cheese please advise
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21st Jan, 2013
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21st Jan, 2013
Bolstered by all the great reviews I tried this recipe and failed rather badly. It tasted great, but would not firmly set in the middle at all. I ended up trying to bake it for a lot longer than stated in the recipe in the hopes that it would eventually firm up, but that never happened. Does anyone have any insights into what I might have done wrong. I used 2 teaspoons of vanilla instead of the 'few drops' suggested in the recipe, could this have been the problem? I didn't expect that the recipe would be quite so sensitive.
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17th Jan, 2013
the reason "iluvpie's" version split on top is because you over whipped the cream cheese, try mixing it a little less next time and that shouldn't happen
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12th Jan, 2013
i made this cake and it turned out perfectly :) went down really well with the family. it tasted really good so thank you goodfood
messyjess's picture
11th Jan, 2013
I followed the directions to a T, had all the correct ingredients and the correct equipment. After baking the cheesecake I was frustrated to find the mixture still raw and runny in the tin and the base was burnt. Very disapointing. Will not be making again.
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6th Jan, 2013
I like rasberry in many ways. This should taste great ;)