laurenjonessa's picture
9th May, 2013
Amazing!! Everytime.
judiper's picture
6th May, 2013
Really delicious. Made with 500g light soft cheese & my dad's home grown raspberries which I used from frozen in the cake. Base a bit too soft, next time I would use a mix of digestive & oat biscuits & cook it longer until crisp. Mine cracked on the top when cooling & we ate it while still warm in the middle as short on time. Think it would be nicer if made well in advance & cooled completely. Will definitely try with other soft fruits. Yum!
chefolivia1's picture
6th May, 2013
I'm 13, and I made this for my grandads birthday. It was such a success, they were very pleased and impressed. I'm now making it today for lunch for friends.
serendipity7000's picture
2nd May, 2013
Just made for the second time. This time I checked the oven temperature was correct with an oven thermometer. And used 300g of fruit instead of 250g like last time (mixed raspberries and blueberries). Still took an hour and 40 minutes! And it is less cooked than last time (when I overcooked to be on the safe side) despite same time and slightly higher oven temp than before. So I reckon - if you add extra fruit, you need to extend the cooking time. This time it hasn't sunk in the middle, but did start to crack while cooking. So although left in the oven to cool, it had already cracked, but I'm not bothered about the cracks - looks interesting! I'm afraid I just daren't take it out while still naked looking and wobbly - I leave it till it is evenly brown and only very slightly wobbly - and last time the texture was wonderful and the cheesecake itself perfect. So I would err on leaving it a bit longer if adding extra fruit.
serendipity7000's picture
1st May, 2013
Forgot to rate it. Four stars - lost a star purely for slight lack of flavour. Oh yes, I also used 12 digestives instead of 8, but still just used 50g of butter, and this was just right. A thought - maybe adding more fruit bulks the cake out and makes it take longer to cook - hence my longer cooking time. 8" deep loose-bottomed tin is just right, I found - makes at least 10 slices. Tin needs to be either a very good non-stick tin, or lined with greaseproof paper. Also recommend tying a band of greaseproof paper round the top of the tin to stop the edges burning.
serendipity7000's picture
1st May, 2013
I followed the recipe exactly, apart from adding more raspberries. Mine took ages to cook - about an hour and a half! But maybe my oven and maybe I cooked it a bit too long. However - it was perfect! Sunk in the middle after, but that was Ok - looked interesting and just filled it with the raspberries. Other reviewers are right - it is miles better two days later! So am making another one for a birthday party - going to make it two days ahead, and use a mix of raspberries and blueberries for a bit extra tang. Partner really liked it (and getting compliments out of him is like blood out of a stone) so it must be good. His only criticism was it could do with more of a tang - maybe lemon curd on top - so might try this cheesecake with the topping for the lemon baked cheesecake.
paulazd's picture
30th Apr, 2013
Have used this recipe again and again. Always goes down well.
grishma32's picture
29th Apr, 2013
Turned out amazing - I used more digestives, 1 tub of full fat cream cheese and 1 tub of light cream cheese and 100g of mascarpone cheese as have some in the fridge. Used strawberries for the sauce and decorating.
marlyly89's picture
19th Apr, 2013
Really yummy and surprisingly easy to make, the whole family loved it! Will definitely be using this recipe again!!
fimanson's picture
17th Apr, 2013
My parents came for dinner on Sunday and I made this for desert... so easy and so delicious too! My Mum thought I'd bought it, it looked so impressive! The whole family loved it! I used low fat Philadelphia cream cheese so that it wasn't quite so calorific! I had a slightly larger tin than recommended so I doubled the base... 16 digestives and 100g butter just to make it a bit deeper. Perfect!