Healthy New Year's resolutions

If healthy eating tops your resolution list for 2013, you're not alone. Many of us stumble into a new year, laden with Christmas cheer and the desire to make up for the excesses of the festive season.

To inspire our flurry of good intentions, we asked Team GB to share their New Year's resolutions, and found even world class athletes have a few diet improvements they'd like to make...

josie pearsonJosie Pearson
2012 Paralympic discus gold medal winner

I will... add more veg
''At the moment I have a pure fruit smoothie as part of my breakfast in the morning, but I'd like to start adding vegetables to provide more vitamins, minerals and fibre. I've decided I'm going to treat myself to a smoothie maker in the new year as being able to freshly prepare juice each morning will mean I can tailor it to my needs and it will be more nutritionally beneficial.''


Lynne Beattie
Team GB volleyball captain

I will... cut down on cocoa
''For the last few years I have certainly been watching and thinking a lot about what I eat and the impact it has on performance. As I am still in competition, I don't think my habits will change too much, but a particular weakness of mine is chocolate and I will be looking to see if I can reduce the amount I eat. I won't cut it out altogether, because firstly I wouldn't be able to stick to it and secondly, in moderation, it's not too bad - it's good to treat yourself sometimes.''


Abdul BuhariAbdul Buhari
Team GB discus thrower

I will... eat more protein
''This year, my aim is to prepare more protein foods in advance so that l can avoid using my shakes as a meal replacement. I will eat more lentils, fish and spinach along with healthier treats like protein flapjacks and muffins. Currently I get almost all my protein from steak and chicken, so the variety will do me some good too. Eating more protein will hopefully help keep my body fat low and more importantly improve my performance in the field.''


Hannah McLeod
2012 Olympic hockey bronze medal winner

I will... start the day the healthy way
''I plan to swap my cup of coffee in the morning for a cup of green tea and to eat at least two portions of fish each week. I have the luxury of time in the morning, so I plan to have smoked salmon, kippers or mackerel for breakfast a couple of days a week as a starting point. I'm a big fan of having whole foods for breakfast, such as eggs, fish, meat and vegetables. They're far better for sustaining energy levels, concentration and help to balance mood.''


Helen Richardson
Triple Olympian, 2012 Olympic hockey bronze medal winner

I will... slow-cook
''Every January, I make a list of the things I want to do in the year ahead. I recently got a slow cooker for my birthday so top of the list is to make use of it by preparing hearty meals like stews, which I can set to cook when I go out to training on a cold winter's morning and come home to find dinner ready and waiting for me.''


Tom RansleyTom Ransley
2012 Olympic men's eight rowing bronze medal winner

I will... say yes to smoothies
''I think smoothies are great for increasing fruit and veg intake that is so vital for vitamins and minerals - and the rawness of the ingredients will ensure their nutritional content is not diminished by cooking. I'll be using healthy smoothies to boost my immune system to help fight off winter colds. In 2013 I will try and get in a few healthy smoothies a week, ideally in the mornings using ingredients such as, bananas, museli, honey and low-fat yogurt - delicious!''


Healthy tips for 2013

Need a little more encouragement? Our athletes have a few tips for staying on track in 2013...

Dan Hunter
Team GB men's indoor volleyball player

''When setting your resolutions for the new year make them realistic - breaking a bad habit is hard, so you must take it step by step. My top tips would be to eat a big, healthy breakfast each morning and, if you are at home and you find yourself snacking, get outside and do some exercise - you'll feel great afterwards.''

Shauna Mullin
Team GB beach volleyball player

Reasonable portion sizes, careful sugar consumption and eating the right carbs at the right time are all key considerations of a healthy diet, but are things we often overlook. Do some investigating into how big your portions should be, and eliminate sugar in the evenings - you don't need that energy when you sleep.

Getting enough exercise is also important. Try to make it enjoyable, choose an activity or sport you love and try to find a friend to exercise with - you'll be more likely to stick to your new regime if you're having fun.

What are your new year's resolutions?