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We've teamed up with world class performance specialists to bring you top training tips, effective running nutrition strategies and expert marathon meal plans.
All our marathon meal plans

All our marathon meal plans

Perfect your pre-marathon nutrition with our expert seven-day meal plans.
Carb-loading explained

Carb-loading explained

Discover how to maximise fuel stores and run your fastest marathon yet.
Meal plans for runners

Meal plans for runners

Discover how to tailor your training diet to easy, moderate and intense training days.
How to recover after your run

How to recover after your run

Stave off muscle soreness after a marathon with our expert nutrition tips.
Sports nutrition: What’s worth trying?

Sports nutrition: What’s worth trying?

Can beetroot juice or caffeine help you run faster? Discover five key training tips.

Marathon recipes

Penne and avocados on a plate Collection


Black-eyed bean mole topped with tomato salsa in bowl with fork Recipe

Black-eyed bean mole with salsa


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Try this healthy Mexican dish as a quick and easy low-calorie lunch that counts...
Prawn jambalaya Recipe

Prawn jambalaya


(24 ratings)

This nourishing jambalaya is a winning recipe. It's low-fat, low-calorie,...
Muesli with grated apple in bowl Recipe

Walnut & almond muesli with grated apple


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Prepare your own delicious homemade cereal that is nutritionally-dense,...
Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette Recipe

Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette


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Eat the rainbow with our simple, healthy, veggie wrap. This olive and veg...

Marathon meal plans

Vegan marathon meal plan Guide

Vegan marathon meal plan

A plate of quinoa salad topped with halloumi Guide

Vegetarian marathon meal plan

What does an optimal vegetarian marathon diet look like? Discover what sports...
A fillet of cod on top of a mango, tomato and cucumber salad Guide

Gluten-free marathon meal plan

Running a marathon on a gluten-free diet? Discover our sports nutritionist...
A woman preparing for a race Guide

Marathon meal plan

Worried about what to eat and when to run the week before a marathon? Sports...
A woman training for a marathon Guide

All our marathon meal plans

Discover what to eat and when to train in the week before a marathon with our...
On race day, don't overstress it. Run how you feel and enjoy the atmosphere. Yes you need to pace yourself but don’t over analyse. Take in the atmosphere and tune into yourself. Run according to your instincts and what you feel is the right pace because the atmosphere will lift you on the day. Know that everybody has bad moments in a marathon so don't panic when you get to them. You've just got to get through it and then you'll be fine.