Christmas planning

Be prepared for the big day with our Christmas recipe collections, festive menus, time plans, tools and make-ahead feasts.
How to baste a turkey

How to baste a turkey

Learn how to get a fuller flavour from your bird ready for the big day.
What to serve on a cheeseboard

What to serve on a cheeseboard

Preparing for party season? Learn which cheeses go well together.
12 ways to do Christmas like Nigella

12 ways to do Christmas like Nigella

We spoke to the doyenne of Christmas cooking to get her top tips for party season.
Your Christmas time plan

Your Christmas time plan

If you're cooking on Christmas Day, ensure everything runs like clockwork in the kitchen.
Easiest ever Christmas dinner

Easiest ever Christmas dinner

Plan your best ever fuss-free Christmas dinner with our pick 'n' mix recipe plan.

Top 5 Christmas brunches

Gingerbread pancakes Recipe

Gingerbread pancakes


(1 rating)

Sausage & kale hash Recipe

Sausage & kale hash


(2 ratings)

Crispy fried potatoes with eggs, sausagemeat and kale make for a satisfying...
Reindeer food 2016 Recipe

Reindeer food


(1 rating)

Let the kids create a snack for Rudolf and his hard-working reindeer team. This...
Stollen muffins Recipe

Stollen muffins


(6 ratings)

These little cakes are filled with all the festive, fruity flavours of this...
Baked green eggs Recipe

Baked green eggs


(5 ratings)

This five-ingredient breakfast or brunch with spinach, pesto and bubbling...

Top 5 stuffing recipes

Crispy traybake stuffing 2016 Recipe

Crispy traybake stuffing


(3 ratings)

Apricot & hazelnut stuffing Recipe

Apricot & hazelnut stuffing


(22 ratings)

Fantasic as part of the meal - so much more than just a stuffing for the turkey
Sausage, sage & onion stuffing Recipe

Sausage, sage & onion stuffing


(42 ratings)

The classic Christmas stuffing for the traditionalists among us
Sausage & Bramley stuffing Recipe

Sausage & Bramley stuffing


(5 ratings)

This recipe will give you enough to stuff the Christmas turkey and also make a...
Streaky stuffing parcels Recipe

Streaky stuffing parcels


(0 ratings)

Sage and onion stuffing balls wrapped in bacon makes a great alternative to...
Start by printing out your recipes and work out what you can prepare before Christmas Day. The final push should be all about cooking or reheating, not peeling and chopping.

When do you start planning Christmas?

Come December, are the presents wrapped and the freezer full or do you enjoy the rush of last minute Christmas chaos? Let us know how you plan for the festive season...