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Dr. Oetker know that baking brings joy on so many levels

You see, there are plenty of bowl-licking, confetti-sprinkling, happy little moments to be had when you’re creating something special (even if you make the odd slip up here or there). Not to mention all the relaxing, nostalgic and accomplished feelings to be experienced along the way.

And that tasty treat you’re in the process of whipping up? Well there’s going to be joy in every slice of that too. Because those lucky people who get a bite will know it’s been made with pride, passion, excitement, love hope and care.

So no matter what you’re baking. Why you’re baking it. Or even how you’re baking it! Dr. Oetker are here for everyone. Whether you’re a crowd-pleasing pro, or you’re just giving it a go.

With their 100 years of experience and their expansive and exciting range of quality products, they can guarantee there’s always joy in the making.

Meet Dr. Oetker’s recipe creator and stylist, Beth

Having spent most of her childhood making delicious cakes and treats in her Gran’s kitchen, pursuing a career in baking was always an easy decision for Beth. Nowadays she works with Dr. Oetker to share their mutual love of all things sweet with the rest of the nation. If you find your bake’s looking a bit squiffy, or you’re thinking about mixing it up with some new flavours, just look out for her helpful tips and tricks that are available throughout the recipes.

Here’s one to get you started:

A simple but effective tip, try not to overmix your flour. If you do, it’ll cause your bakes to peak, so you’ll end up needing a knife to cut and flatten them. Instead, gently fold your flour through your cake mix and you should end up with a lovely even cake!

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