Sweet nostalgia

Sherbet Fountains, Flying Saucers, Fruit Salads and Space Dust - take a trip down memory lane and tell us what you're favourite childhood sweets were...


Powdery pink-tipped Candy Cigarettes and Liquorice Pipes with embers made of hundreds and thousands are certainly not something you'd find in the sweet shop these days. Not that you'll find that many sweet shops.

SweetsWhen I was young, my mum took my brother and I to the sweet shop every Friday after school for a weekly treat. We were given twenty five pence with which to buy a quarter - and the choice of Sherbet Pips, Aniseed Balls, Sherbet Lemons, Rhubarb and Custards and Strawberry Bon Bons was too exciting for words. If we had any money left over we'd pick up a Flying Saucer or two, Black Jack or Fruit Salad from the penny sweet selection. Sometimes we'd take a different tack and go for a Sherbet Fountain, a bag of crackly Space Dust or very un-PC packets of Candy Cigarettes knowing full well it wouldn't even last the weekend, and the subsequent sweet-free dessert that ran until next Friday would be even longer. But oh, for that sweet anticipation!

Sadly, sweets aren't really a treat anymore, more of a currency for overloaded parents. Even my friends who I'd consider to be model parents seem to have succumbed to the 'If you're good, you can have a lolly...' line of defence for getting through any fraught shopping trip. And who can blame them - at every checkout, temptation abounds in the form of rows of brightly packaged sweets and chocolates that are guaranteed to catch a child's eye. Even if you've held out against those little pleas thus far, that's enough to break anyone's resolve.

SweetsAnd it's not just a temptation for children, it's hard to resist that frequently offered bumper slab of chocolate going cheap as you pay for your paper at a certain nationwide newsagent chain.

So sweets aren't a treat for me either anymore, more an urge I cave into and then feel guilty about afterwards...

But that doesn't stop me enjoying a bit of sweet nostalgia. So, tell us - which sweets bring back fond memories of your childhood?