Super soups

With soups among the most searched-for recipes on, Emily wonders what's getting everyone slurping.

Pumpkin soup

Here at we're always interested to know what you're searching for, so we can provide the recipes you want. Along with the ever-popular choices of chicken and cake (chicken cake, anyone?), one of the big trends we've noticed over recent months is the rise of the humble soup.

Hand-blended soupsWhen we've flagged up our favourite soups in our weekly newsletter, the stats have gone through the roof. A Tomato soup from 2002 snuck past the mighty Ultimate chocolate cake to become our most-viewed recipe in September last year, while Barney's Pumpkin soup took on a life of its own around Halloween, ranking number one in Google.

So what is it about soup that gets you clicking in your thousands? Let's be honest, it's not the sexiest of meals, with high potential for slurping and spillage. It can also make you feel weirdly bloated - if I have soup for lunch, I often feel uncomfortably full all afternoon, even though I think of it as a light option (then again, maybe that's because I eat several bread rolls and a large chunk of cheese with it).

But with many of us trying to eat more seasonally, and perhaps also cutting down on meat, soup provides an easy way of using up a glut of seasonal produce, such as those fresh September tomatoes and autumnal squashes.

Bread rollsMaybe it's the frugality of it that appeals in these troubled times; even when made with less than perfect ingredients, it always tastes better than it does out of a carton. It's a good lunchbox filler, as well as something nourishing to make for the family on a chilly Saturday.

Are you one of our legion of soup-lovers and if so, why does it float your boat? What's your favourite soup recipe?