Man v Food

    Good Food Channel's latest import has the shock factor with its eating challenges, but Janine Ratcliffe's watching for the restaurant tips.

    A wise man once said: 'Never eat anything bigger than your own head'. It's a phrase that often springs to mind when watching Man v Food, Good Food Channel's latest US import.

    Chilli bean wrapsThe premise of the show is simple. Each week presenter Adam Richman explores a different city and the food it's famous for. At the end of the show he undertakes an eating challenge which tests either his stomach capacity (the six-pound, baby-sized burrito in Las Vegas's Nascar café, say) or his heat tolerance (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse burger with its blistering mix of naga, Serrano, jalapeno and habanero chillies).Souther fried chicken

    It's not the competitive eating that keeps me watching though. It's all the other places he visits, restaurants that have been around for decades with a fanatical following for the one thing they do really well (melt-in-the mouth sticky ribs, crisp fried chicken, stacked deli sandwiches). So next time I'm in Chicago, I'm off to Lucky's for a Pastrami & cheese (the secret is the fries go inside).

    Does Man v Food make you hungry or leave you feeling nauseous? Do you have a favourite restaurant that's famous for doing one thing really well? Tell us about it!