Celebrate St Andrew's Day

    Celebrate with a special Scottish supper, and why not wash it down with a Scotch whisky or two afterwards?

    Highland beef stew

    It's Robert Burns night on 25 January - celebrate with a special supper showcasing the best of Scottish fare...

    Recipe suggestions:

    Baked haggis
    Neeps & tatties
    Highland beef with pickled walnuts & puff pastry
    Mussel, bacon & brie tartlets
    Succulent braised venison

    Neeps'Neeps' are better known as swedes, and 'tatties' are potatoes - together they are the perfect accompaniment to haggis and make a great side dish for your Burns supper.

    Creamy savoy cabbage with carrots
    Skirlie mash
    Smoked salmon, dill & onion tart
    Honey roasted fig & almond tart
    Baked raspberry & bramble trifle with Drambuie


     Baked raspberry & bramble trifle with Drambuie The baked raspberry & bramble trifle with Drambuie makes a decadent, and suitably boozy, Burns night dessert.

    More rustic recipes to take your guests on a Highland fling this Burns night.

    Fillet of beef with mixed peppercorns
    Crisp orange shortbread
    Hot game pie
    Prawn & mussel pies
    Beef Wellington

    Hot game pie Scotsman Gordon Ramsay's hot game pie is packed full of vegetables, venison and pheasant, oozing with flavour and topped with a crisp melt-in-your mouth crust.

    The ultimate apple pie
    Dark muscovado & whisky marmalade
    Salmon rillettes
    Lamb, black pudding and mustard hotpot
    Perfect roast potatoes


    Salmon rillettesA little like a salmon terrine, salmon rillettes are terrific with homemade bread, served as a starter.