Burger bliss

Why do we love good burgers so? Andrea counts thy ways.


The Good Food team are marking a momentous occasion today with a lunch down the road at Westfield. A few of us have already spent several minutes hunched around my screen salivating over the menu and planning what we're going to have. Gone are the days when you could just order 'a burger and fries please'. These days there's more than 30 to choose from - featuring toppings ranging from camembert to cucumber raita. Our destination? GBK - aka the Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

It may not be the trendiest venue, and we already know a PBS (post burger slump) and a big dose of the guilts this afternoon is inevitable, but that's not going to curb our enthusiasm. Not when there's a big plate of burger and chips in the offing.

BurgersSo what is it that's so satisfying about biting into a burger? Is it because you can hold your whole meal - your meat and however many 'veg' packed between two fluffy buns in two hands? Is it the pleasure of piling all your favourite ingredients on top of each other to create your very own fantasy food tower? Is it the chance to roll up your sleeves and get messy with a group of mates? Or is it just because we've got 2 for 1 vouchers we're trying to use up?

I'll let you know after lunch. What's your favourite burger topping? And do you love or loathe these most pleasurable of guilts?