Advance Australia Fare

    Don't let the weather rain on your Australia Day parade on January 26. Rug up and strike up the barbie - or at least prepare a pav - and toast all things Antipodean.

    Aussie burgers
    Garlic jumbo prawns
    Stuffed peppers on the barbie
    Spiced smoky barbecued chicken
    Raspberry ripple pavlovaSpiced smoky barbecued chicken

    Crank the barbie back into action with Aussie chef Ben O'Donoghue's lip-smacking Spiced smoky barbecued chicken.


    Pear & chocolate mini pavlovas
    Cheesy garlic bread
    Honey roast beetroot
    Beach bar special
    Warm roast asparagus salad

    Warm roast asparagus salad


    If you think salads are just for summer, think again. Australian food writer Jill Dupleix's Aussie Warm roast asparagus salad is authentic, yet suitable for colder climates too.


    Beef pie with crisp potato crust
    Mango and passion fruit pavlova
    Cajun pork fillet & beer sauce
    Simple carrot salad
    Isaac's chocolate coconut square

    Chocolate coconut squares


    These Chocolate coconut squares are known as lamingtons in Australia, and are a popular squishy, sweet treat.


    Apricot & pistachio pavlova
    Beetroot, goat's cheese and tarragon salad
    Barbecue sauce
    Salt & pepper squid
    Panfried fish with fresh beetroot salsa



    Food doesn't get more Aussie than a big, fluffy pavlova. Try this Apricot & pistachio pavlova. If you can't find fresh apricots, use the tinned type instead.