SORTEDfood recipe videos

Our friends at SORTEDfood have shared some of their best recipes with us - watch and learn how to make delicious weekend feasts, breakfasts and more...

How to make Sorted’s beignets 
SORTEDfood presents the beautiful deep-fried choux pastry creation that is, the beignet.
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How to make Sorted’s apple and mint marshmallows 
Sorted food shows you how to have the fluffiest, lightest, most heavenly marshmallows imaginable. 
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How to make Sorted’s bliss balls 
In need of some performance enhancing food? SORTEDfood is here to give you anenergy boost in the form of these tasty bliss balls. 
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How to make Sorted’s Swedish chocolate brownies
SORTEDfood is here to support your chocoholic habits with these gooey Swedish chocolate brownies. 
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How to make Sorted’s croque madame muffin 
SORTEDfood’s croque madame creation makes for a tasty brunch snack.
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How to make Sorted’s maple bacon egg in bread
SORTEDfood are giving you another reason to enjoy brunch with maple bacon egg toast. 
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How to make Sorted’s ultimate BLT
Homemade bread and crispy bacon is a winner in anyone’s book, so SORTEDfood are here to make sure your BLT is the best of the best. 
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How to make Sorted’s Belgian waffles
The most delicious waffles you’ll ever sink your teeth into from SORTEDfood, complete with berries and cream.
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How to make Sorted’s steak sandwich
SORTEDfood give us their delicious sirloin steak sandwich with Mediterranean vegetables and homemade mayonnaise.
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Chicken sub
How to make Sorted’s chicken sub
SORTEDfood create an epic sandwich of tasty chicken in a sticky Jack Daniels glaze with molten Monterey Jack cheese.
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pasta bake

How to make Sorted’s meatball pasta bake
SORTEDfood merge two classic comfort foods – spaghetti and meatballs and hearty pasta bake. 
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How to make Sorted’s Korean BBQ beef tacos
SORTEDfood merge Mexican and Korean cuisines by whipping up these super-tasty tacos. 
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How to make Sorted’s spicy beef empanadas
SORTEDfood give us their take on Argentinian pastry parcels, plus they throw in a herby dipping sauce for good measure. 
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Cheese sandwich
How to make Sorted’s ultimate grilled cheese sandwich
SORTEDfood share the all their tips and tricks for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, complete with homemade bread. 
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