Set the table for the new cast iron Always Pan

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Cast Iron Always Pan

Set the table for the new cast iron Always Pan

Inspired by tradition, culture and sharing, Our Place recognises food as foundational to connection. Their newest addition, the cast iron Always Pan, is a versatile pan that you’ll be excited to share a home-cooked meal from.

Who is Our Place?

When you’re breaking bread with your given, chosen or found family, food is the vehicle that cultivates connection. It’s sharing a home-cooked meal and making and breaking traditions that brings people together, and Our Place’s range of kitchen essentials are designed to celebrate the beauty, joy and fun of home cooking,while also making the process a whole lot easier.

Our Place was co-founded by Shiza Shahid in 2019. Shiza grew up in Pakistan and is an advocate for women’s rights and social justice. She co-founded the Malala Fund, which helps girls around the world get access to free, safe and quality education. The pivot to cookware may seem left of field, but Our Place at its core is a business rooted in representation, inclusion and positive change.

For some, buying cookware can feel intimidating. What do you buy? What do you really need? The wealth of specialist pans and vast 20-piece sets that dominate the market made Shiza question why there wasn’t a pan or two available that could do it all. But, Our Place answers that question thanks to its pared-back collection of essentials.

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What’s already in the Our Place range?

It all started with the Always Pan: a sleek, versatile and oh-so-Instagrammable deep-walled pan that aims to replace eight pieces of cookware: frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula and spoon rest. At one point, the Always Pan garnered a 50,000-person strong waitlist, thereafter earning it cult status for cooking enthusiasts worldwide.

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When BBC Good Food reviews experts put the Always Pan to the test, we praised its smooth, non-stick surface, useful pouring spouts and additional steamer basket. Important note: you should cook on a low-to-medium heat to preserve the non-stick coating. Read the full Always Pan review.

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Next came the Perfect Pot, a lightweight alternative to heavy cast iron dutch ovens. In this pot, you can boil, crisp, bake, braise, roast, steam, strain, pour, serve and store.

BBC Good Food reviews experts were big fans of the Perfect Pot. The modular lid that allows you to keep steam in or let it out, the roasting rack and easy-rest spoon were all huge plusses that elevated this cookware.

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Additionally, Our Place has a range of essential kitchen knives, plus mugs, dinnerware, a bamboo steamer, chopping board and other Always Pan accessories. It also collaborated with Selena Gomez to offer limited-edition versions of its core collection.

The next product to be released, you ask? The cast iron Always Pan.

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Introducing the cast iron Always Pan

A cast iron pan is something every home cook should have in their arsenal, as they’re uber-versatile, ideal for meat and heavy-duty. But, there are two different types of cast iron pan to familiarise yourself with: uncoated and enamelled cast iron.

Uncoated cast iron pans are higher maintenance than their tough exterior may suggest; they need seasoning regularly to build up a slick patina and the washing and drying process needs to be thorough to avoid rust. You should also avoid cooking very acidic foods, like lemon or tomatoes, as these can break down the seasoning.

If aesthetics are important to you, enamelled cast iron pans can come in a variety of colours.

Our Place’s new cast iron Always Pan is an enamelled cast iron pan available in six iconic colours and doesn't require seasoning. As is traditional with Our Place, additional useful features, kit and tools are provided as standard. To keep your kitchen mess-free, a nesting beechwood spatula sits comfortably on the handle. Two features exclusive to the cast iron Always Pan are a modular glass lid that keeps moisture in, while also allowing you to check on the progress of your dish. Plus, silicone Hot Grips that fit neatly on the long and short handles for safe manoeuvring. And of course, it wouldn’t be an Our Place pan if it didn’t perform multiple functions. The cast iron Always Pan replaces your frying pan, skillet, sauté pan, braiser, griddle, roaster, baking dish, spatula and spoon rest.

Where can I buy the cast iron Always Pan and when?

All Our Place products are available on the Our Place website.
Which colour will you choose?

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What’s the difference between the original Always Pan and the cast iron Always Pan?

Before we dive into the differences, let’s start with the similarities between these two pans. They both replace eight pieces of cookware, they’re both compatible with all hob types, including induction, and both are deep enough to boil while also being shallow enough to sauté.

Now, onto the differences. The original Always Pan has a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating whereas the cast iron Always Pan is made from black matte enamelled cast iron. You’ll find a stay-cool handle on the original Always Pan, but on the cast iron Always Pan, silicone Hot Grips are included to protect from the inevitable heat produced by cast iron. The original Always Pan is notably light, compared to typically heavier cast iron. Our Place advises cooking on a low-to-medium heat when cooking in the original Always Pan, whereas the cast iron Always Pan can withstand higher cooking temperatures and is oven-safe (with lid up to 215C or up to 260C without). For an added plus, the cast iron Always Pan is compatible with all original Always Pan accessories, so if you’ve already collected the spruce steamer, fry deck and flipping platter for your original Always Pan, you won’t need to buy any more for your new pan.

In short, the original Always Pan is the ideal choice for quick and easy everyday cooking: fried eggs, pasta dishes, steaming dumplings. Whereas the cast iron Always Pan will sear steaks, crisp up fish skin, bake and so much more. Together, both the original and cast iron Always Pan cover any and all of your cooking needs.

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What are Our Place’s brand values?

A streamlined collection of true essentials allows Our Place to design high-quality products that are built to last, thereby minimising waste.

For most of us, space is at a premium in our modern kitchens, so these eight-in-one pieces of kit reduce the need for multiple pots and pans.

Our Place recognises that manufacturing products has a direct impact on the planet. As a result, in its mission statement, it says it’s committed to investing in products made from responsible, natural and recycled materials, where possible. Take its glassware, for example: the glasses are naturally dyed and made from a portion of recycled glass and natural sand.

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The Always Pan and Perfect Pot have an impressive non-stick coating that performed well during testing. The coating is made primarily from silicon dioxide, otherwise known as ceramic non-stick. No PFOA, PTFE, GenX chemicals, lead cadmium or toxic metals have been used.

A huge plus for the BBC Good Food reviews experts when we tested the Always Pan and Perfect Pot was the packaging. There was not a spot of plastic in sight and every element was fully recyclable and biodegradable, a feature rarely seen in cookware manufactured outside of the UK.

It’s clear to see that an ethical chain of production is of paramount importance to Our Place. In fact, the company measures and offset their carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects.

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