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Master your festive hosting with these top tips – and game-changing dishes

Having everyone over to yours this Christmas? With the vast range of delicious dishes on offer at Tesco, you can make this year’s festivities worth remembering for all the right reasons

There’s something about having a full house at Christmas that makes the occasion feel extra special. Of course, it can also spell more work and perhaps even a few dinner disasters, but the good news is, whatever the big day throws at you, Tesco has got you covered.

From show-stopping centrepieces that will deliver maximum impact with minimal effort, to delectable desserts that could give just about any homemade version a run for its money, you can trust Tesco to help you ride out any eventuality this festive season. There’s even a few top tips from some seasoned Christmas hosts, to give you that extra little boost of confidence…

Tesco Finest Three Cheese and Chive Cauliflower and Dressed Spruce Smoked Scottish Salmon Side

Unexpected guests

If you’re somebody who prides themselves on planning and prepping your festive feast well in advance, there’s perhaps no bigger curve ball than finding out you’ll be having some last-minute guests joining you. But never fear, Tesco has plenty of ways to get around this conundrum and ensure nobody goes hungry. As far as turkey goes, the bird you’ve bought may only take you so far, which calls for a back-up centrepiece, and preferably one that won’t need hours in the oven. Cue the Tesco Finest Dressed Spruce Smoked Scottish Salmon Side.

This ready-to-eat side of salmon is lightly smoked over spruce chippings and gently roasted to bring out its rich flavour, and it’s topped with a tangy lemon and cream cheese mousse and juicy jumbo king prawns and finished with edible gold lustre. And because it’s simply a case of taking it out of the packaging and popping it into the oven, you can rest easy while it cooks and continue to enjoy your day.

“Don’t feel you have to home-make everything. If you enjoy cooking from scratch then do, but there’s no pressure to do so. The cook needs to enjoy a bit of relaxation on Christmas Day too!” – Sarah

Another simple way to cater for extra mouths is to pad out your side dishes – and it doesn’t get much more enticing than the Tesco Finest Three Cheese and Chive Cauliflower. Extra mature cheddar, red Leicester and pecorino cheeses are blended with a hint of mustard and chive to make a rich sauce that coats each floret. For added indulgence, there’s a crunchy mature cheddar and parsley crumb topping. Again, this can be popped straight into the oven with zero prep needed!

Tesco Finest Lamb Guard of Honour with a Leek and Cheese Stuffing Cook Coated Prawn Platter

That little something extra

Whether you’re planning a Boxing Day buffet, some delicious post-roast snacking, or are simply trying to keep hungry mouths at bay while the turkey cooks in the oven, it’s always good to have a selection of finger foods on standby and Tesco has something for everyone. If you’re looking to push the boat out, you simply can’t go wrong with the Tesco Finest Ready to Cook Coated Prawn Platter, which offers a moreish selection of fiery sriracha king prawns, lemon and herb breaded king prawns and crispy tempura king prawns with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce.

Those looking to add some serious opulence to the festivities will relish the Tesco Finest Lamb Guard of Honour with a Leek and Cheese Stuffing. This tender and juicy rack of lamb is elevated with a crunchy texture from the crust, which possesses herb, peppercorn and parsnip flavours, while the soft stuffing is rich with cheesy, leek notes. It’s sure to be the jewel in the crown of any buffet table!

“Take the time to plan ahead and think about what you all really enjoy. It ensures you’ll have all the things you need to be happy and eliminates any last-minute dramas!” – Sophie

Tesco Finest Spiced Caramel and Orange Cheesecake and Belgian Chocolate and Hazelnut Log

The sweetest thing

With your big day roast dinner requiring so much thought and effort, it’s easy to overlook your dessert. And while whipping up a homemade sweet treat is a lovely thought, the reality is that it may feel a bit too much with everything else you’ve got going on. Or perhaps you do go the extra mile to create the perfect pud, only to find it scorched in the oven after enjoying your post-roast festivities. Whatever dilemma you find yourself facing, rest assured, because Tesco has plenty of tempting desserts on offer.

Baked for richness, the Tesco Finest Spiced Caramel and Orange Cheesecake will make for a terrifically zingy ending to your meal. Smooth and creamy cheesecake is layered on top of buttery biscuit and topped with orange and caramel sauce for a flawless festive treat that’s not to be missed. Meanwhile, chocolate fiends will relish the Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate and Hazelnut Log, a seriously indulgent dessert with hazelnut caramel drizzled over a brownie sponge layer and covered with a chocolate praline mousse and a chocolate mirror glaze. It’s then topped with gold and bronze pieces for total dessert decadence.

For your vegan guests, sweet treats don’t get much better than the Wicked Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Log. Made with layers of bitter dark chocolate that’s balanced with a smooth hazelnut ganache, this glorious sharing dessert was recently crowned BBC Good Food’s Best Vegan Dessert. Vegan or not, yule love it.

“My ultimate hosting tip is plan as much as you can beforehand! In the run-up to Christmas, make and freeze your cranberry sauce, stuffing etc. It also helps to have a tick list, so you know you’ve got everything out of the freezer and haven’t forgotten anything. Foil trays also save on space – and washing up!” – Ursula

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