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Whip up high-quality cold-pressed juices with ease with Hurom’s innovative self-feeding juicers

A juicer makes an invaluable addition to any kitchen – and they don’t come much better than Hurom.

Ever since it was founded more than 40 years ago, Hurom has been on a mission to help people improve their health by effectively integrating nutritious, whole foods into their diet. Over the years, the brand has pioneered various new juicing technologies and gradually refined its designs to become the largest producer of premium quality slow juicers in the world. Plus, it’s even developed a vertical cold-pressed juicer, which is the world’s first patented slow juicer.

Specially designed to minimise oxidation and heat exposure, Hurom’s juicers always preserve the nutrients, colours and aromas of your ingredients. So, you can enjoy fresh cold-pressed juice that’s full of flavour and offers various benefits for your mind and body, from detoxing and rejuvenating to strengthening immunity. But what else makes a Hurom juicer so special?

Hurom juicer

Slow Squeeze Technology™

Instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades, Hurom’s patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ uses a refined extraction system that combines high pressure with an ideal rotation speed.

Each juicer features an all-in-one multi auger, which allows it to process any ingredients, from soft and hard fruits to leafy vegetables, with no additional parts required. The augur crushes the ingredients and carefully pushes out the juice, which is then filtered through a screen to separate the pressed juice from any leftover waste and pulp.

Not only does this Slow Squeeze Technology™ minimise damage to the ingredients, but it also keeps their natural taste and nutrition intact by preserving any nutrients that are vulnerable to heat, such as vitamin C, phytochemicals or various enzymes. The result is a delicious, all-natural pressed juice with a velvety smooth texture that’s safe for anyone to consume, from small children to seniors.

Cucumbers in a juicer

Self-feeding innovation

Hurom’s newest range of juicers features the latest generation of its industry-leading self-feeding technology, meaning they can cut down, crush and juice ingredients without any assistance. This completely autonomous juicing mechanism saves both time and effort, while also reducing the risk of human error and damaged parts.

Plus, there’s little-to-no prep required, as a Hurom juicer can process a range of different whole ingredients. So, whether you’re pressing chunky fruits, root vegetables or leafy greens, you can simply peel or trim them, pop them in and leave the self-feeding technology to do the rest.

Endless inspiration

With Hurom, you can create countless unique juice recipes using all your favourite fruits and vegetables. You could try anything from a vibrant green grape, spinach and basil juice that’s packed with energising vitamins, to a nutrient-rich red juice made from apple, beetroot and lemon. Alternatively, if you prefer classic flavours, you could simply make the perfect pure orange juice, free from any added water or chemicals.

And you’re not limited to just juice either – why not try creating your own unprocessed almond milk using only soaked almonds and water? Or you could even use your Hurom juicer to combine your ingredients in preparation for making tofu or ice cream.

Detachable juicer compartments

Easy cleaning

All of Hurom’s juicers are built from a small number of parts for easy assembly and cleaning, whether you’re giving them a quick rinse between uses, or detaching all the pieces for a thorough clean with the cleaning brush. The detachable compartments are also equipped with an advanced safety lock system, so the motor can only turn on once all the pieces are properly locked into place.

High-quality materials

Produced and designed in South Korea, each Hurom juicer boasts a sleek, streamlined design made from high-quality, durable materials – including a long-lasting AC motor that comes with a 10-year warranty. As a result, the juicers can handle frequent use with minimal wear.

Hurom also goes to great lengths to ensure its products are safe. That’s why all its juicers are made using 100% BPA-free plastics, including Tritan and Ultem, which are sturdy and completely food safe. They’re designed without any blades or sharp parts too, so even children can use them.

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Meet Hurom’s two newest juicers

The Hurom H300 juicer

The Hurom H300

This self-feeding juicer offers an excellent user experience at every stage of the juicing process. Like every Hurom product, its parts and mechanism are all designed for easy use and cleaning, while its Slow Squeeze Technology™ ensures consistent juicing results every time.

The H300 also uses Hurom’s latest multi-screw mechanism to process ingredients with greater efficiency, allowing it to extract juice faster than ever, without any extra accessories. Its seamless combination of elegant design and unique features has even won it a 2021 Red Dot Award and a 2022 iF Design Award.

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The Hurom H310 juicer

The Hurom H310

A more compact, lightweight juicer, the H310 offers the same high-quality design and innovative technologies as the H300, but with a smaller size. This makes it ideal for anyone who’s only looking to produce one or two glasses of juice per day. It’s also even quicker and easier to clean, with only three parts that need rinsing after each use for the ultimate convenience.

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