Dark chocolate, coconut & passion fruit mousse cake

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Black tahini chocolate cookies


(3 ratings)

Make your own tahini using black or white sesame seeds, this recipe shows you how. Black ones have a nuttier, sweeter flavour, making them perfect for baking
  • 28 mins
  • More effort

Chocolate, orange & hazelnut cake


(2 ratings)

You'd never guess that this spectacular dessert is dairy-free, decorated with a zesty ganache using orange juice instead of cream...
  • 1 hour and 40 mins
  • More effort

Double choc hot cross buns


(0 ratings)

An indulgent twist on a traditional Easter treat. If you're a chocolate orange fan, add some zest to the dry dough and soak the raisins in orange juice...
  • 1 hour and 5 mins
  • More effort

Hazelnut brownies


(4 ratings)

Ferrero Rocher chocolates make an indulgent finishing touch to these fudgy chocolate brownie squares studded with chopped nuts
  • 1 hour
  • Easy

Brooklyn blackout cake


(8 ratings)

This rich, dark sponge is filled and coated with a thick chocolate custard, then finished with crumbled cake - best eaten chilled
  • 1 hour and 10 mins
  • More effort

Flowerpot chocolate chip muffins


(3 ratings)

Children will love to make these yummy double chocolate chip cakes topped with rice paper flowers - perfect for a kids Easter baking project
  • 25 mins
  • Easy

Salted caramel brownies


(57 ratings)

Take indulgent, fudgy chocolate brownies to the next level with a layer of salted caramel running through the centre of each bite
  • 50 mins
  • Easy

Chocolate & spice hot cross buns


(5 ratings)

Flecked with dark chocolate, cinnamon, orange zest and plump raisins, these buns make an extra-special Easter treat
  • 1 hour and 5 mins
  • More effort

Black & white brownies


(10 ratings)

Improve the classic brownie with gooey chocolate batter topped with a creamy cheesecake mixture for a striking marbled effect
  • 55 mins
  • Easy

Chocolate meringue Mont Blanc cake


(1 rating)

This towering cake has layers of chocolate sponge, meringue and chestnut cream - a stunning centrepiece for a festive dinner party
  • 2 hours and 10 mins
  • More effort

Squidgy chocolate pear pudding


(19 ratings)

This hot, gooey chocolate pud, with dark chocolate and canned pears, can be made ahead and frozen - a perfect no-fuss dinner party dessert
  • 55 mins
  • Easy

Chocolate chunk pecan cookies


(56 ratings)

You can't beat American-style cookies with big chunks of chocolate and nuts. The perfect grown-up biscuit
  • 27 mins
  • Easy

Hot chocolate soufflé


(23 ratings)

Gordon Ramsay creates melt-in-the-mouth soufflés to impress a crowd
  • 1 hour and 17 mins
  • A challenge
  • Vegetarian

Angela’s lighter chocolate tart


(9 ratings)

A chocolate tart with a rich taste and moussey texture – but with two-thirds less fat than the classic version
  • 1 hour
  • More effort

Chocolate fondant


(186 ratings)

A gooey prepare-ahead dessert that's perfect for entertaining - it's all a matter of timing...
  • 1 hour
  • More effort

Chocolate & Earl Grey torte


(17 ratings)

Never before has it been so easy to impress - this soft-centered torte can be made ahead and frozen or baked from scratch in just an hour
  • 1 hour
  • Easy