Ultimate meringue

Ultimate meringue

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Cooking time

Cook: 30 mins Plus cooking

Skill level

Moderately easy


Serves 16

Perfect your whisking skills for these light baked meringues - a blank canvas for tasty flavour combinations

Nutrition and extra info

  • Freezable
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Nutrition per serving with cream

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  • 4 large organic egg whites, at room temperature
  • 115g caster sugar
  • 115g icing sugar

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  1. Preheat the oven to fan 100C/ conventional 110C/gas 1⁄4. Line 2 baking sheets with Bake-O-Glide non-stick liner or parchment paper (meringue can stick on greaseproof paper and foil).
  2. Tip the 4 large egg whites into a large clean mixing bowl (not plastic). Beat them on medium speed with an electric hand whisk until the mixture resembles a fluffy cloud and stands up in stiff peaks when the blades are lifted.
  3. Now turn the speed up and start to add 115g caster sugar, a dessertspoonful at a time. Continue beating for 3-4 seconds between each addition. It’s important to add the sugar slowly at this stage as it helps prevent the meringue from weeping later. However, don’t over-beat. When ready, the mixture should be thick and glossy.
  4. Sift one third of the 115g icing sugar over the mixture, then gently fold it in with a big metal spoon or rubber spatula. Continue to sift and fold in the remaining icing sugar a third at a time. Again, don’t over-mix. The mixture should now look smooth and billowy, almost like a snow drift.
  5. Scoop up a heaped dessertspoonful of the mixture. Using another dessertspoon, ease it on to the baking sheet to make an oval shape (pic 3). Or just drop them in rough rounds, if you prefer. Bake for 1 1⁄2-1 3⁄4 hours in a fan oven, 1 1⁄4 hours in a conventional or gas oven, until the meringues sound crisp when tapped underneath and are a pale coffee colour. Leave to cool on the trays or a cooling rack. (The meringues will now keep in an airtight tin for up to 2 weeks, or frozen for a month.) Serve two meringues sandwiched together with a generous dollop of softly whipped double cream.

Recipe from Good Food magazine, June 2003

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chrissyknitty's picture

Having never been able to make meringues I was sceptical that this recipie would work, but I was determined to use up my three egg whites.
How wrong I was, after years of trying I've now found a wonderful, fail safe meringue recipe. Not only that, I can freeze then, so will do as they will be great for a supper party coming up in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you BBC GF. Another hit!

LJCam72's picture

Having only ever made meringues with caster sugar alone I was intrigued to try these. So very glad that I did. Absolutely fabulous. Good crisp shell and soft goey inside. All too often my meringues turned out very fragile but these held their own. If you follow the instructions, as with all BBC good food recipes, they will work out a treat for you. Enjoy!

CharmedImSure's picture

If you like meringue chewy in the middle, this recipe is for you. They are delicious, whole family agreed, I will be making these again soon.

lizleicester's picture

These should have been delicious but I left them in the turned off oven when they had cooked to make them extra crispy on the outside and my dear husband turned it on nice and high the following day without looking inside. 6 x egg whites and 300g of sugar turned to charcoal... Good job I was only using up egg whites, not doing dinner parties or anything!

Norma. mackey's picture
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Made this for the first time before running out to a dinner party. I'd forgotten I had to bring dessert so threw these together in no time. So easy! So impressive! Would easily find these in a fancy cafe!

lillisa's picture

I made these today...simple & delicious...everybody loved them :-) I served mine with fresh cut strawberries.

littleowly92's picture
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  • 5

These meringues are fantastic - quite simply the best I have tasted. Personally my partner and I love the gooey middles with the crisp almost caramel flavoured outside. Can't understand why people wouldn't like them. Always going to use up left over egg whites to make these meringues - delicious!

HanVonWolf's picture

Meringues have been my arch nemesis in the kitchen but finally I have made some edible meringues! Super easy recipe with fab results.

VR's picture

I should have read the comments before I made them. They are ok if you want meringues that are gooey, chewy and sticky in the centre. They are not supposed to be like that. Meringues should be dry and crisp. They are not pavlova and even my pavlova is better than these; but next time I will use my old pavlova recipe. These are rubbish.

millmallmoll's picture

Really good recipe, usually my meringues just flop, but they where perfect with this!! Will definitely make again

charlietheangel's picture
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Loved these, came out beautifully. I added a tsp of baking powder and only cooked mine for 1hr 15 and they were crisp on the outside and amazingly chewy on the inside. Delicious and I"ll def be making again. All my previous recipes have come out to dry but realise that I usually leave mine in the oven after I've baked and i think the key to keeping them chewy is to not let them dry out too much.

snuggle5's picture
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  • 5

Busy Mam of 2 small kids and I thought Meringue was so hard to do. Wow really easy to make. I watched the how to make meringue video before I started. I was concerned that everything wouldn't be spotlessly clean but it was all fine. I did half the recipe with 3 medium eggs and cooked on an oven at 100c for 90 mins. Crisp on outside and chewy in the middle. Can't wait to make them again :)

Danine's picture

Hi m I want to try these but I was wondering why did you half the recipe but didnt halve the eggs??? Danine

gsygirl's picture
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I've always struggled when doing meringues; I clearly end up over beating them and they end up runny.

But not with this recipe! It's so easy and so simple. I only made them as I had egg whites left over from another recipe, but it was so easy that I'll definitely do these again.

Cwils73's picture

These were horrible, worst meringues I ever made. I did question the addition of the icing sugar, it made the mixture overly loose and added a horrible grainy texture. The recipe was also hideously over sweet. Overall, big yuk!

VR's picture

I totally agree. I could not get them to dry out

Lynsmac's picture

These were so easy to make and tasted delicious (lovely and chewy!). Will definitely use again, and again.....

ruthrollason's picture

Wow, these were fantastic. I froze some an they were still really good. Definitely recommend.

meringuemule's picture

These are amazing! Beautifully crisp on the outside and soft and toffee like on the inside. Had with whipped cream and fresh raspberries, delicious!

maddy smith's picture
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  • 5

try half baked they are lushus and gooey.