rachie_2011's picture

I've cooked this twice now and enjoyed it immensely! After all the sausages have gone too, it makes a wonderful 'soup' for lunch at work the next day!! :)

janehen's picture

This is so tasty. I made it with 10 sausages, just because thats was how many there were in the pack and found that I only needed two tins of butter beans. I served it with cheesy mash and some lovely herb and mozzarello bread. Yum. Will defo be making again

bjackson95's picture

nice and easy to make even my son liked it !!!

lucyvictoriasmith's picture

Easy, quick, simple and tasty.
The tomato sauce is very versatile.
I'm keeping some spare I'm my freezer.

proudy's picture

anyone tried this with baked beans instead of butter?

Anastaciawilde's picture

Made this for my boyfriend who claimed not to like tomato-based sauces. This has converted him! Easy to make and great warm dinner on a cold day

ccckatie's picture

Does anyone know if this will freeze OK?

jules3003's picture

Absolutely loved this. I made the tomato base first and then cooked the hot pot in my slow cooker as I work full time. The sausages were so tender. Served it with rice and it was delicious. Definetely making this one again.

mcilhagger's picture

This was lovely and very easy to make.I added baton carrots to it, and also made little herb dumplings to go in this as well, which was delicious (see recipe for herb dumplings under -Spring veggie casserole with little herb dumplings).This is also a great vegetarian dish, by substituting sausages for Quorn sausages!

bridinb's picture

Chrissie, underneath the picture at the top you will usually see how many servings each recipe makes- this one says 'serves 4' just underneath the green 'easy' sign.

chrissiejoe's picture

Can anybody please tell me on this website how many servings are in each recipe? These tell you what ingrediants to use and how much, but doesn't say they're for 'X' number of servings...this ios very confusing for someone learning to cook, as I am! Help!

erkki_d's picture

Very good and quite easy to make. Goes well with an egg when you're plating it up too.


gemcheat's picture

Simple to make and delicious!