rsp030780's picture

Great recipe very tasty and easy to do, just as I like it!

Jenna977's picture

Absoultely love this recipe :)) instead of fresh raspberries I used dried sweetened raspberry flakes and white chocolate drops it was so sweet and creamy will definately use this recipe again.

Tip: I have read some of the comments saying the time for baling is too short, because I had small cake tins I spilt the recipe and did two small ones these cooked perfectly in the 40 minute time slot.

julie_ness's picture

Dont understand why this is the most popular cheesecake recepie on this website. Dissapointing - very bland & nothing special considering the cost to make. However the sauce is delicious so would mae that again.

finnmccool's picture

Sorry my mistake its there but it isn't in bold. Silly me.

finnmccool's picture

This is great as long as you remember the flour! It's listed in the ingredients but omitted in the instructions. I also couldn't work out why it took longer to cook.

Char's picture

As a result of the number of positive comments about this recipe I decided to give it a bash for a family event. Now I have never made a baked cheesecake before so it is entirely possible that I did something wrong (not sure how though the instructions are simple), but it took much longer than stated to cook. Also it tasted just ok, I am very sorry but I will not be making this again or recommending it to others.

anne112's picture

I didn't like this. Far too heavy and took one and a half hours to cook. Need to put more raspberry's in too as not enough. I won't be making again.

Teefee's picture

The family just adored this recipe! I wanted a thicker base, so used more biscuits. I covered it with white chocolate gnache and raspberries, which added to the creamy sweetness.

bakinglove's picture

This recipe really does deserve all the rave reviews! Made it for my family and they all really loved it. Looks very impressive but it really easy to make. I added a bit more raspberries (175g) into the cake and it was great.

alicia1994's picture

Made this for a dessert for a BBQ and it turned out great! I did add 10 biscuits instead of 8 so therefore added just a bit more butter as I like a thicker biscuit base, no problems with the change!

hazelnutbrownie's picture

I added chocolate chips to the batter and crushed oreo cookies to the base.

Turned out really good, thanks!

mckirdya's picture

I made this with big juicy blackberries and it was amazing! great Recipe!

harleynoa's picture

my family did this super delicous cheesecake at home... it was the first ever we did... simple and you can do it with several different fruits!! a must try

adinarc's picture

Delicious! One of the few sweets I did two times.

yeh404's picture

This cheesecake is so beautiful to make and present that its almost too good to eat...almost. Myself and my 56 grandchildren baked this one weekend and it truly left all 57 of us feeling full, well I don't know about them but I certainly did! Great fun to bake and eat I would deferentially recommend to a friend- if I had any!

CannyFradock's picture

57 grandkids!? i would love to see the size of your kitchen in the west wing of your mansion :)

markmarrow's picture

I made this last night, and it was vile.

Very disapointed, and shocked to read all the great reviews! Perhaps it just wasn't to mine or any of my friends taste.

Always been very impressed by Good Food's recipes, but not this. Will not try again.

keeleynorris's picture

can i freeze this?

etux's picture

Not much of a success, although guests said they liked it, probably because the raspberry sauce is yummy. The flour just made lumps which I tried to sieve out unsuccessfully. The flour also gave it a strange texture - more cake than cheesecake. I've made much better from other recipes (which never have flour added) but just thought I'd give this a go as it had such good reviews.

bashlybear's picture

This took longer in my oven and I still wasn't sure if it was too wobbly but it turned out fine, cracked quite a bit but the raspberries and coulis covered it. Found it better after sitting in the fridge for a day or two. I put blueberries in the cheesecake but topped with raspberry coulis. And made white chocolate leaves too :D