qubaros's picture

An all round hit! I made it with blueberries and it went down a treat! Impressive and super easy

sozmen's picture

I used strawberry, absolutely delicious!!! I made it in a 20 cm springform tin as it says but it took 1 hour baking, perhaps in a bigger tin takes less time. Any way it came out just perfect. My daughter said that it is her favorite now. I will make it again for sure. Thank you for very nice recipe :)

leebusybee's picture

Best cheesecake ever..perfect everytime and goes down a storm with tasters of all ages!

nikkinoodle40's picture

Lovely easy recipe, not so sickly sweet or cloying as cheesecake can be. Didn't look the part but when I cut into it the texture was spot on and the taste was great. Will make again.

pawlika's picture

I made this as an impromtu dessert last Sunday. It is so easy to make, uses minimum ingredients and tastes absolutely fantastic, really fresh and delicious. i put all of the raspberries in the mix and then made a strawberry and blueberry compote over the top and it tasted great.

clairemc28's picture

I'm really not a fan of cheesecake and so made this purely to suit the tastes of my dinner guests, however even I like it! It's really nice!

seelejoa's picture

Really great recipe. Easy, but impressive. Tastes great!

hanita's picture

My hubby loved it.

cragrat65's picture

Made this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to add the soured cream - think the end result was still very good. Will try with soured cream next time and will also leave in oven to cool down and firm it up (for about 30 mins) before refrigerating

felicityholden's picture

Have made this several times now and it is always a success. I much prefer baked cheesecakes to ones that simply set. I make the base using chocolate digestives as chocolate and raspberries are such a good combination.

juliajac's picture

I had a 23cm tin and used all of the raspberries in the mixture. I then topped the cheesecake with a few raspberries and blueberries. Delicisious.. my mixture did look more runny than 'light and fluffy' when it went in the tin and it turned out beautifully.

ladymargaretta's picture

Great, impressive-looking dessert that's super-easy and quick to rustle up. I also chopped up some white chocolate into small chunks and added that to the mixture at the same time a the raspberries, which made a nice sweet contrast to the tartness of the berries.

kaseygrainger's picture

This cheesecake is delicious. My first attempt at making cheesecake, I stuck to the original recipe and it worked perfectly, looks and tastes amazing.

nogin1's picture

I made this for a friends birthday and everybody loved it. If I were to make it again I would probably put more raspberries into the actual cheesecake to give it even more of a tang!

frenchtot's picture

Made this over n over! Never fails! I cook it for a bit less as it keeps cooking in the tin and can split. Works fab for individual ones with raspberry coulis and cream!!! Mmmmm

auntywayne's picture

brilliant cheesecake, everybody loved it and have made it several times now, i agree with some other comments that the base requires more digestives, a little thin otherwise, always plenty left over for a smaller springform. so more for everyone....

sarajaneemily's picture

made this with blueberrys very yum.

behayt's picture

This recipe is really good with blueberries as well and if you want a little lighter, you can mix a mascarpone cheese and cream cheese :-) (400g of mascarpone and 200g of cream cheese and follow the rest of the recipe)