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Great baked cheesecake, one of the best I ' ve evere tasted!

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no i did not change any ingredients or update the method and follow all steeps as mansion

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i did not change any ingredients and follow all steps

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there is a test of egg instead of cheese
please advise

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Bolstered by all the great reviews I tried this recipe and failed rather badly. It tasted great, but would not firmly set in the middle at all. I ended up trying to bake it for a lot longer than stated in the recipe in the hopes that it would eventually firm up, but that never happened. Does anyone have any insights into what I might have done wrong. I used 2 teaspoons of vanilla instead of the 'few drops' suggested in the recipe, could this have been the problem? I didn't expect that the recipe would be quite so sensitive.

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the reason "iluvpie's" version split on top is because you over whipped the cream cheese, try mixing it a little less next time and that shouldn't happen

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i made this cake and it turned out perfectly :) went down really well with the family. it tasted really good so thank you goodfood

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I followed the directions to a T, had all the correct ingredients and the correct equipment. After baking the cheesecake I was frustrated to find the mixture still raw and runny in the tin and the base was burnt. Very disapointing. Will not be making again.

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I like rasberry in many ways.
This should taste great ;)

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Really pleased with how this turned out as it was my first ever attempt at a baked cheesecake. So was everyone else at the house party I took it to!

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Looked and tasted great but wasnt impressed with the biscuit base was a bit soft for me, maybe because i crushed in the food processor, will bash the biscuits next time instead to hopefully get more crunch!

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Followed the advice of others and used 12 biscuits for the base. For the cake used 400g cream cheese, 200g mascarpone, 200g blueberries and decorated with a blueberry and raspberry coulis. Left for 24 hours in the fridge.
I made this recipe because of its high rating - it did look the part but I was disappointed with the taste as I found it rather bland and will not make again.

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I have made this cheesecake countless times and it's everybody's favourite cheesecake they've EVER eaten. This Christmas I decided to try mini versions and they worked out perfectly. I used the same recipe exactly. I lined two muffin tins with muffin cases (12 in total). I pressed a couple of teaspoons of the biscuit mixture into each of the cases and baked for five minutes.

I split the finished mixture in half into two bowls. Half I kept raspberry and treated ass above. Second half I stirred in a teaspoon of grated lemon rind and couple teaspoons of lemon curd.

I baked for 20 mins, which was perfect. I then allowed them to cool and put them in airtight cases (single layer) and refrigerated overnight. The cases peeled off beautifully and I topped with a drizzle of raspberry coolie and a raspberry and some lemon curd thinned a little. Next time I plan to stir in a little caramel sauce and crushed pecan nuts.

They looked amazing - dusted with a little icing sugar.

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made this yesterday, my 1st baked cheesecake. Absolutely delicious.
Didnt use any fruit in mine. Had no problems with cracking. Will definately be making this again soon.

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I made this for a birthday party. It was my first attempt at a baked cheesecake.
It was delicious and went down very well. I made it with light philadelphia cheese and light creme fraiche. I reduced the sugar to 150g. It was still rich and creamy. I will be `baking` cheesecakes from now on. A lovely recipe and one that I will use again and again. I am planning to use it for Christmas in a week`s time.

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Totally wonderful. Everybody that tastes this asks for the recipe. So easy to make but tastes like it's taken hours.

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Made this for special occasion with the kids Very easy taste delicious didn't change anything perfect as it is

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Made this for my food corsework went really well and got top marks :) can this be made low fat without it making the actuall filling runny?