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Our health editor shares her five favourite health and fitness blogs of the moment...

Top five health blogs

As obesity rises, awareness grows and more and more people take an interest in health and fitness, a whole host of inspiring bloggers are taking their motivational tips online. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, either to lose weight, get fit or improve wellbeing, our five favourite blogs and sites of the moment will help you to stay on track and realise, you’re not alone…


Keeping Healthy, Getting StylishKeeping healthy getting stylish

‘Healthy living for lovers of clothes and cake’ - Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish is the creation of blogger and health coach Laura who started writing online as a way to keep track of her own health and weight. A regular in the top 10 lists, her honest and down to earth posts about everything from exercise to eating well on a budget are both inspirational and reassuring for those who don’t naturally gravitate towards green juice and yoga.

What we love...
The clean design, the budget tips and the inclusive approach.

What Keeping Healthy, Getting Stylish says...
''Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish follows my adventures in food, fitness and fashion, sharing whole food based recipes, product reviews and my personal accounts of pursuing a healthy happy life. Blog posts are a mix of recipes, my personal experiences and helpful posts on a range of issues and themes around healthy living, often chosen as topics based on feedback from the health coaching clients I support each day. I am passionate about promoting a positive body image and a balanced approach to health and fitness.''

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Hip & HealthyHip & healthy

Billed as a luxury online wellbeing magazine, Hip & Healthy covers a wide range of topics from health and fitness to wellbeing travel and beauty. Since the launch in the summer of 2011 with the tag line ‘be the best version of you’, Hip & Healthy has added a weekly newsletter, clothing store and e-cookbook to its rapidly expanding offering.

What we love...
The minimalist look, inspirational blogs and e-mail challenges of ‘if you only do one thing this week…’

What Hip & Healthy says...
Hip & Healthy aims to inspire people from all walks of life to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves, wherever they are in the world. Updated regularly, we feature expert advice and opinions in the wonderful world of health, fitness, beauty, food, style and travel.''

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The fastest growing health site since 2011, Greatist operates out of New York but the expertly written articles on health, fitness and happiness more than translate to a global audience. Reaching 4.5million health and fitness fans a month, Greatist has built a community of like-minded "clever, curious and passionate" people who already know how to use a kettle bell and aren’t afraid of kale.

What we love...
The new daily recipes and workouts to keep you motivated, the friendly and fun tone and the constant stream of well-researched and relevant content.

What Greatist says...
''Greatist is a health site unlike any other. We pride ourselves on creating some of the best content on the web, making sure everything we publish is accurate, informative, relatable, and fun. Not only is every fact cited by a scientific study and every article approved by our network of experts (chosen based on their prestigious degrees and professional experience), but everything is also written with a healthier perspective that appeals to everyone from novices to health nuts.''

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Deliciously Ella

After being diagnosed with a rare illness, Ella Woodward started researching ways to ease her symptoms naturally, giving up meat, dairy, sugar, gluten and processed foods. As a result, she started recording her new healthy way of life online via beautiful images of her recipe creations and an accessible insight into her food philosophy. In addition Ella provides readers with reviews and videos to help them ‘clean up’ their own diets.

What we love…
The big, beautiful images, Ella’s food philosophy and the diverse and delicious sounding recipes.

What Deliciously Ella says…
''More than anything, Deliciously Ella is about promoting a healthy way of life and a positive attitude towards food. It’s about encouraging a new mindset towards cooking, one that is absolutely not about diet or deprivation, but about embracing pure, unprocessed ingredients and creating wonderfully delicious ways to eat all your favourite foods without compromising your health. It shows that eating well need not be boring or time consuming, but instead opens up a whole new world of goodness.''

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Sportsister has been around since 2008 and has become a trusted source for all things to do with women’s sport. Whether you’re new to sport and exercise or are looking to step it up a level, Sportsister provides nutrition advice, training tips and much more to achieve the claim of being ‘the heartbeat of women’s sport’.

What we love...
The detailed and free training plans, inspiring active travel tips and kit reviews. Plus, the extensive range of sports covered, means there’s something for everyone.

What Sportsister says...
Sportsister, as the name suggests, aims to be your sporty sister or friend who helps you get more involved in sport. All the team at Sportsister are passionate about being active, but we are also friendly and supportive of new-comers, so we have loads of articles on how to get started, events to enter and what kit to wear.  We believe there is a sport out there for everyone, so we also cover a wide range from cycling and running to snowboarding and frisbee (yes it is a sport!)''

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Have we missed your favourite health or fitness site? Share your picks below or tell us what you think of our chosen five...


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