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Wondering what inspires a celebrity chef? Curious how to go from kitchen novice to MasterChef? We nabbed some time with John Torode between filming the latest series of MasterChef and let our Facebook and Twitter fans ask the questions...

John Torode

Question 1

Abbi Coman Ricketts asked...
''What would be a foolproof MasterChef menu?''

John says...
Ah, if only there was a winning formula. It really depends on the season, place and time. We've seen so many wonderful yet very different dishes on the show.


Question 2 Gravy

Geraldine Ryan wanted to know...
''What's your first food memory?''

John says...
I think it would have to be making gravy with my grandmother at five.


Question 3

Suzanne Katrina Cooke asked...
''What’s the most useful culinary technique or skill? 

John says...
I think using all your senses is a great skill and important to master - smell, listen, feel, look, taste. It makes all the difference to the end result.


KidsQuestion 4

Tanya Shaw wanted to know...
''What quick dish would you make for fussy children?''

John says...
Bolognese pizza - definitely. Every kid I know loves bolognese and pizza, why not bring them together!


Question 5

Cat Dewar asked...
''If you were on a desert island and could only take one spice with you - what would you take?''

John says...
Easy - it would have to be coriander seeds, to plant and grow more coriander!


Question 6Dover sole

Jamie Parker wondered...
''What's your most memorable dining experience and why?''

John says...
There are many
, though the majority aren't really about the food. A meal at the River Cafe in 1996 stands out, sitting outside with the sun shining and eating dover sole with rosemary. Also Portugal in 2001, again sitting outside, sun shining with a bottle of rose and grilled squid. When I was a child I also remember being eight years old, swimming in the surf and coming back in to pies in Yass bakery (Australia).


Question 7

Fiona Mcdonald asked...
''What one kitchen implement can you not do without?''

John says...
My Chinese cleave
r, I use it for absolutely everything!


pastyQuestion 8

@LynsMcK wanted to know...
''What's your ‘guilty pleasure’ food?''

John says...
Would have to be pasties - proper petrol station pasties!


Question 9

 @Lou_Robertson wondered...
‏''What are the top must-know recipes for every amateur cook wanting to get by in the kitchen?''

John says...
It might sound simple but how to boil an egg. You'd be surprised how many people don't know how.


toastQuestion 10

And finally- Jo Elliott asked...
''What’s your favourite toast topping?''

John says
I'd have to say my first choice would be Vegemite... or even a fish finger!


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claudia21's picture

I don't think bolognase pizza is a quick dish to make! John, what are you talking about? I agree kids love this, I used to do it for mine years ago, pizza base and bolognase from scratch!

debbie0459's picture

Vegemite yehhhhh