How to make the ultimate mince pies

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Good Food experts and our Good Food fans share their delicious tips for the ultimate mince pies...

Making mince pies

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a festive mince pie or three - so we asked our Good Food experts and our Good Food fans to share their delicious tips. Here are our favourite suggestions for mince pie perfection...

What our experts say:

Jewelled mince piesAdd some rum

Former BBC Good Food cookery assistant, Adam Russell: "Add a shot of nice gold rum (like Appleton or Mount Gay the older the better) to the mincemeat mixture, brings a nice Christmassy alcoholic warmth to the pies."

Make them modern

Food editor, Barney Desmazery: "You can funk out and modernise a mince pie by swapping the topping - meringue, crumble and frangipane toppings are all nice."

Zest is best

Food editor,, Caroline Hire: "Add a little grated orange zest and a sprinkle of cinnamon to the pastry - delicious!"

Try them with chocolate

Assistant food editor, Cassie Best: "Chocolate orange mince pies are my ultimate indulgence. Add 100g chopped dark chocolate to a jar of shop bought mincemeat, the grated zest of 1 orange and 1 tbsp Grand naughty but nice!"

Pastry and cutterKeep your hands cold

Food editor, Sarah Cook: "Light, crumbly, delicate pastry is the order of the day... whether you make your own or buy, it is important to keep it very cold - cold hands and marble rolling pin all help. And don't overwork - so if re-rolling trimmings bring together with as little work as possible, the more you work/roll/knead you pastry, the tougher it will get as the gluten develops."

What our Facebook fans say:

Sarah Richards Tapscott Home made mincemeat (has half a pint of brandy in it) hic!

Frances Vickers I top mine with a piped star of Viennese whirl mixture, then dust with icing sugar once baked. Mmm...

Elaine Caulfield Cream cheese mixed with a little fresh orange juice and zest on top of the mincemeat! Yum!

Mandy Cuthill I always put a circle of marzipan in the bottom of my pastry, then my mincemeat, then my lid and dust with golden caster sugar and bake delish!

Melanie Jenkins Use a muffin tin to make them really big - uses a lot of pastry and mincemeat, but worth it for a special treat.

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